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Opening the door to education

Learning to read, write and understand clearly can change the future of humanity. Unfortunately, access to education remains a challenge to many Haitian children.


It is a major issue in Haiti. Over 85% of schools in Haiti are run by non-Government organisations. This means, for low-income families, the school can be prohibitively expensive.


Yet, without access to a good education, it is almost impossible to break the cycle of poverty. With the lowest literacy rate in the Caribbean, there are many challenges to improve the access and quality of education in Haiti. 


Although enrolment in primary school is at around 85%, many leave primary school without being able to read. In addition, only 20% of children go to secondary school.


By giving a Haitian child a good education, it gives them the opportunity to successfully join the workforce. It will give them the means to break the cycle of poverty faced by their families

At The Haiti Stole My Heart Foundation®  we provide opportunities for children to attend good quality schools and we are creating career pathways for this children to grow in education and be able to bring prosperity into Haiti.

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