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About Junior Ceranor Nelson

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Mr Junior Ceranor Nelson is a co founder of Haiti Stole My Heart Foundation®. He was born in Haiti. He is a young entrepreneur, who has devoted much of his time to improving the lives of Haitians.

He is the Representative of Simen Ayiti in the Pacific zone. This organisation is a Haitian platform, with the mission to promote entrepreneurial culture in Haiti.

After witnessing the devastation caused by the 2010 earthquake he worked as volunteer for several charity organisations – including ADRA, USAID and UNOPS. Mr Nelson is also a co founder of the Haitian based charity OS (Organisation Support), which is focused on providing opportunities for young Haitians.

Mr Nelson visits Haiti at least two or three times a year to not only distribute aid but provide mentoring and support to agricultural growers in Port Salut (a southern region in Haiti). He has a special interest in organic food production.

As part of this he works as a volunteer for the Major of Port Salut.

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