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Let's move Haiti - Criteria

The program criteria

Let’s move Haiti is an educative program to promote the Haitian youth. Haiti Stole My Heart Foundation, with the support of Coursera, will give free online courses scholarships to learn something useful. Hurry up to have your certificate, this program will end on December 27th, 2020 . We are offering free scholarships for a range of short courses targeted at developing knowledge for solving different challenges in Haiti.

 We choose the most appropriate accessible platform to deliver these courses to you. Lists of courses will be available on the Foundation’s website.To participate in this free program, you will need access to internet in order to participate in the courses.

 1)    Subscribe to the Youtube Channel of Junior Ceranor Nelson. For updates and tips.

 2) Every week we will post a video of the show “Koman nou ka ranje sa Each show will discuss a specific problem.

3)    Watch the show and propose a solution to the problem.

 4) Your proposal must comply with the criteria of an academic reasoning. No emotions, no judgement, no fallacy. Solution driven proposals only will be accepted.

 5)    You can submit as many proposals for as many shows as you wish. Just stick to the guidelines 

 6)    here can be only one winner per show. So, if you don’t win one month you win the next!!!

 Follow us on all social media under these usernames @jrceranornelson or @haitistolemyheart

 Thank you for your support and we’d love you to share this opportunity with someone close to you (Family or friends). 

Take care of yourself and your soul.

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